The printer is one piece of equipment that is the most used in an office setting, and most needed (next to a computer). It gets a lot of attention but is also equally ignored until a notification pops up that there is a paper jam, that it is out of ink, or if the document, photo or special greeting cards printed just does not meet the highest standard. Take the time out to read the manual that comes with a printer but, just in case you can’t find that little booklet, here are some simple tips on how to clean and care for a printer, based on three most common types, whether manually or... read more

All you want for Christmas is ...

All you want for Christmas is ... a laptop that matches your personality and, more important, your needs. Don’t wait until December to make this known to your family and friends, because while it may be the season of deals and discounts, it is also the time when many laptop brands introduce new models. Do all the research possible on the brands, models and specifications that will be helpful while making the final decision. To make things easier, spell things out on your Christmas wish list according to what the laptop is needed for.

For the student on the go

... read more
Seven student-savvy devices

While it is true that August was the month for back-to-school shopping, there may be a few things that your parents have left behind. The best laptop, external hard drive or simple rechargeable must-haves that were never on the original list provided for you but may be helpful later in the school term when the assignments get more and more challenging. While many gadgets are classified a distraction by adults, check out the student-savvy technology that you may just be able to convince your parent/guardian to get for you.

1.Genius Micro Traveler 9000r Mouse

... read more

Tech to help you to remember

With the stress of tests, homework and exams, we’re always in search of ways to remember information. Of course, studying is the essential and traditional way to do this; however, as a generation of millennials, there’s no reason we can’t use technology to help keep our memories fresh. Here are four useful technological methods to remembering better.

4. All those notes being dictated in classrooms are arguably one of the hardest things to remember while writing, and especially after class. Sometimes it would be better if we could just have the class again. A dictaphone facilitates... read more

Top 15 Portable devices for summer

Let’s Face it, once the school bell rings on the final day, declaring that summer has officially begun, most high-schoolers will be looking for somewhere to go or something fascinating to play with. Whether it’s a stylish, new, wearable device, game-changing gadget or one that will keep all your social media followers glued to see your next post, there is one device waiting for you to just grab it and go.

From necessary items like chargers and game consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Youthlink has selected its top 15 portable device must-haves for summer. These items will make the... read more

Samsung J7 Review 

It’s no secret, Samsung phones are ubiquitous among Jamaicans and our love for them seems to keep on growing. A relatively new member of the samsung family is the J series, which has been slowly coming to prominence since 2015. Keep in mind that there are different sizes in the J series, each can be identified by the number affixed to the title, for example, the J3 is the smallest variant in the series and the J7 is the largest with a 5.5” display. 

Unlike the premium Galaxy S series, which is at the higher end of the cost spectrum, the J series are priced in a more convenient... read more

Techno Review; Ear phone for active lifestyle 

We all love our music and for many of us, we want to take our music with us when we are practicing our favourite sports. However the problem has always been to find an earphone that was comfortable and will stay in place while we are actively moving. Well the advancement in technology has convincingly solved this problem. If you have an active lifestyle check out these earbuds: 

Argom Tech Ultimate Sound Fit. 

These sweatproof earphones come in a blue theme with an inline and is built for outdoor use. What is most impressive is its value for money, at $3100... read more

Digicel DL 2 phones: a sweet experience

Digicel has been very active of lately by engaging its customers with competitive data deals. The company has also been sweetening their offers by launching their budget friendly DL 2 smart phones, which premiered in April 2013 with the first version, DL 600. 

“Since the DL 600, this line of affordable Android smartphones continues to be a top pick for Digicel customers looking for reliable, budget-friendly devices. It is for this reason we introduced the Digicel line of smartphones to assist more Jamaicans with becoming connected to the world of mobile data,” revealed Elon... read more

Samsung’s Flip transforms the modern meeting

At CES 2018, Samsung Flip shows  how ideas can be instantaneously  shared across devices and how  multiple people can contribute, widen and  build on ideas in real time.  Samsung Electronics Company Limited  offered CES 2018 attendees a first look into  its vision for a ‘Workplace of the Future’ with  the unveiling of its new Samsung Flip digital  flip chart display. Introduced at the  company’s First Look event, the Samsung  Flip WM55H promotes more collaborative  digital engagement by alleviating the most  prominent challenges businesses face when  organising, facilitating and recapping... read more

Swift Playgrounds

Apple's sleek new iPad app teaches kids to code

By Dana Villamagna
Common Sense Media

Parents need to know that Swift Playgrounds is an iPad-only app that helps kids learn Swift, which is a programming language made by Apple and used to create apps. The puzzles and challenges incorporate cute alien-like characters and a 3D world to teach kids (or adults) to code using Swift. Users work through all the lessons and challenges, which include "every concept and skill" required to write real apps, according to Apple. Note: Swift laygrounds is not compatible with iPhones or... read more

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