Finding the right ‘Sound Mate'

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February can sometimes feel demanding. Although it is the shortest month of the year, it is filled with celebrations like Black History Month, Reggae Month, Dennis Brown and Bob Marley’s birthdays, Chinese New Year, pre-Carnival fêtes and, let’s not forget, Valentine’s Day – the day that persons have come to dread because of the anticipated cost of expressing their love for that special someone.

The search is on for the cheapest yet most meaningful options. Some of the most popular, sought-after gifts are multi-use devices, even though many of items come with a big price tag.

If you’ve written off all devices this Valentine’s Day because of a fear of overspending, you should think twice about essential accessories such as the headphones. After all, it is a month of music, and what’s more fitting than a perfect pair that is stylish and comfortable.

Check out these ‘sound mates’ that are light on the pockets of the giver and will definitely have the receiver in an excited mood.


For a comfortable fit and sound isolation, these headphones are the top pick. Most designs are easy to clean and available in a wide range of long-lasting colours. There are also wired headphones that come with a built-in microphone and are compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones, all at an affordable cost.


These types of headphones are for the active, music listener. Whether the individual is into sports, fitness routines or always on the go, a Bluetooth-enabled model that fits snug on to the ear and is secured on the head, is the most faultless option. These on-ear headsets come in a case that is made to preserve the interior from dust.


Not everyone likes the idea of wearing an earpiece whether over the head or in the ear, so this speaker is included for those special music lovers. The Vivitar Bluetooth speakers are ultra-modern, with a glass exterior that surrounds the amplified speakers. The most fascinating feature is the light that matches the mood of the music being played.


Call this a bonus gift for our male Valentine’s Day watch lovers. It allows for quick access to notifications and makes it harder to come up with an excuse that a call was missed. This RUI smartwatch is the ultimate gift because it plays music and has the feature that can change the smartwatch into a smartphone (with a SIM card socket). The best part is that it does not come with a hefty price tag like most brands, it is actually less than $6k.


The number-one, best-selling type of ‘sound mate’ over the past year is the one that fits directly in the ear. These diverse selection includes earbuds that are Bluetooth-enabled, can transform quickly from a wireless to a wired device, have attachments for a better fit, and go from zero to 100 per cent battery life in a matter of minutes. Some of the top brands – one actually boasts the name Sound Mates – also come with a small, mobile charging port. For persons who spend time enjoying the quiet moments, you can easily share the pair with someone wearing the left earbud and the other wearing the right piece.

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