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Who is a Travel Photographer

In a world dominated by smartphones, many of us often travel to places, snap a beautiful picture, add a cool filter and then post it for all to see. Indeed, travel photography can seem pretty easy nowadays. However, how many of us truly understand what goes into travelling for a living in order to visually tell the stories of different places, people and cultures?


Although it's the most prominent part of the job, there's a lot more to travel photography than taking the actual photos. You have to:

• Research places prior to... read more

Who is an Orthodontist?

Many people use the term 'dentist' loosely to describe someone who cares for teeth. However, there is an area of specialisation in dentistry called orthodontics, and while the two professions certainly have similarities, orthodontics is a specific type of dental care. An orthodontist specialises in a section of dentistry dealing mostly with the straightening of teeth, diagnosing and fixing overbites, occlusions, misalignment, jaws and overcrowded mouths. After they have diagnosed the problem, they try to solve the issue with the method best suited to the problem.

When most people... read more


A lecturer is an academic expert who teaches on a full-time or part-time basis in a particular area of expertise, usually at a university, college or other tertiary-level institution and usually to adult students. Lecturers are characterised by professional competence and high levels of qualifications in the fields of their specialisation and research areas. A lecturer is also expected to show the skills, willingness and desire to pursue constant self education through research, reading and publications, and also to contribute to the personal development of students.

WHAT... read more

Who is a primary-school teacher?

Striking teachers watch television reports from the nationwide protest action in the teacher’s room at primary school Number 68 in Warsaw, Poland, on Monday, April 8. Majority of Poland’s school and kindergarten teachers went on strike after talks about their payment with the government failed.

A Primary-School teacher is responsible for the social, intellectual, physical and moral development of pupils in his or her class. This teacher works with one single class for the entire academic year and, thus, teaches a wide range of subjects on the national curriculum.

As a primary-school teacher, you will facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with pupils and creating a positive learning environment in the classroom. Primary-school teachers help students to build on the fundamentals they have learnt in basic or preschool to prepare them for the more difficult... read more


A preschool teacher is an early-childhood educator who instructs children from about one to six years of age, which are the earliest – and some believe the most important – years in the formal education process. They provide early-childhood care and education through a variety of teaching strategies.

The best teachers teach from the heart, not books, and this is what preschool teachers are expected to do. With lots of love, care, compassion, patience and understanding, they play an important role in building a child’s success in their first years and provide structure in helping him... read more


The Human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial relationship, and with many persons now becoming ‘pet parents’, we find the need to take care of our furry little friends as we would our own human child. A veterinarian is a specialised type of doctor, also known as a vet, a small- or large-animal doctor. This person is a highly trained professional who identifies and treats diseases, disorders and injuries in animals. A vet will also advise owners on the proper care of their pets and livestock.


A typical day for a vet might involve:... read more


A JOURNALIST is a person who collects, writes or distributes news or other current information to the public. Such storytelling has been a way of communicating to the masses since the beginning of time, from hearing or seeing an event unfold and running to tell neighbours, sending smoke signals, beating drums, sending a telegram, to our now modern-day technological means of gathering and disseminating news on events.

Journalism is always a form of relating an event based on true facts and information. Depending on their specialty, journalists can be writers, radio or TV reporters,... read more


Since the beginning of time dancing has been one of the most exciting ways to express oneself, and as the world has evolved, so has dancing. A famous quote even suggests “dance like no one is watching” as a means of expressing great joy, happiness and freedom of spirit. Spanning from modern and contemporary to ballet, dancehall – and the list goes on – out of the love for dancing, choreographers were born.

A choreographer is someone who invents and creates new dance movements and tells dancers how to perform them. Choreographers create compelling dance routines in a way that... read more


In this Sunday, January 27, 2019 photo, Point Park University Conservatory of Performing Arts and Playhouse artistic director, Ronald Allan-Lindblom (left), talks with playwright Tim Hotchner (centre) and Joe Christopher, vice-president of theatre at RWS Entertainment Group, before a dress rehearsal of the stage adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in Pittsburgh. The stage version was written by Hotchner and his father, journalist and playwright A.E. Hotchner, Hemingway’s confidant and fishing companion in Cuba during the period in which... read more

Who is an IT/CIS manager?

As human beings evolve, technology evolves with us and information technology (IT) is, perhaps, one of the most important factors of our species’ future. An information technology manager, known also as a computer and information system (CIS) manager, is the title given to a person in charge of the overall computer operations of a company. IT/CIS managers often plan, coordinate and direct computer-related activities; they also help to determine information technology goals of an organisation and are responsible for implementing computer systems to meet required goals.

WHAT... read more


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