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A JOURNALIST is a person who collects, writes or distributes news or other current information to the public. Such storytelling has been a way of communicating to the masses since the beginning of time, from hearing or seeing an event unfold and running to tell neighbours, sending smoke signals, beating drums, sending a telegram, to our now modern-day technological means of gathering and disseminating news on events.

Journalism is always a form of relating an event based on true facts and information. Depending on their specialty, journalists can be writers, radio or TV reporters,... read more


Since the beginning of time dancing has been one of the most exciting ways to express oneself, and as the world has evolved, so has dancing. A famous quote even suggests “dance like no one is watching” as a means of expressing great joy, happiness and freedom of spirit. Spanning from modern and contemporary to ballet, dancehall – and the list goes on – out of the love for dancing, choreographers were born.

A choreographer is someone who invents and creates new dance movements and tells dancers how to perform them. Choreographers create compelling dance routines in a way that... read more


In this Sunday, January 27, 2019 photo, Point Park University Conservatory of Performing Arts and Playhouse artistic director, Ronald Allan-Lindblom (left), talks with playwright Tim Hotchner (centre) and Joe Christopher, vice-president of theatre at RWS Entertainment Group, before a dress rehearsal of the stage adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in Pittsburgh. The stage version was written by Hotchner and his father, journalist and playwright A.E. Hotchner, Hemingway’s confidant and fishing companion in Cuba during the period in which... read more

Who is an IT/CIS manager?

As human beings evolve, technology evolves with us and information technology (IT) is, perhaps, one of the most important factors of our species’ future. An information technology manager, known also as a computer and information system (CIS) manager, is the title given to a person in charge of the overall computer operations of a company. IT/CIS managers often plan, coordinate and direct computer-related activities; they also help to determine information technology goals of an organisation and are responsible for implementing computer systems to meet required goals.

WHAT... read more

Who is an entertainment coordinator?

AS AN entertainment coordinator, your job might involve planning activities and events that appeal to various audiences, from children’s plays to reggae concerts. Entertainment coordinators are known to plan and organise diverse events that are age-appropriate for a specific target audience and see that they run smoothly.


A typical day for an entertainment coordinator may involve:
• Participating in planning meetings.
• Planning entertainment events.
• Locating and contracting entertainment acts.
• Creating,... read more

Who is an advertising executive?

An advertising executive plans programmes and conceptualises campaigns for clients who have products to sell or promote. This includes planning for the types of media which will be used in
the campaign. As an advertising executive, you have to create interest and excitement among potential buyers of a product or service. Advertising executives also work with sales staff and others to generate ideas for advertising campaigns and serve as a liaison between client and the advertising company for which they work.


A typical... read more



A probation officer provides social services to assist in the rehabilitation of law offenders who may be in custody, on probation or on parole. Such work may be with offenders who are not given a jail sentence but who are put on probation instead, and with offenders who are in prison or who have been released from prison. They monitor offenders to prevent them from committing new crimes, and also ensure that they carry out anything the court assigns to them.


A typical day for a... read more

Who is a music producer?

Music is nothing new. For eons, human beings have created and enjoyed melodies and rhythms of one sort or another, played on a myriad of instruments from different cultures and countries, creating blends of sounds, speaking directly to people’s souls as the ‘international language’. Great orchestral pieces created by great composers have spanned the centuries and live on today.

What have changed are the technologies now involved in the production of popular music and the relatively new careers evolving in this area. Music is so very much a part of the broad field of movies,... read more

Learn how to make good decisions

Woman Sergeant Jerr Johnson Heron (second right), coordinator of Kingston Central Community Safety and Security, shares a moment with students and stakeholders at St George’s College. The occasion was a special meeting at the school to address a recent series of violence against students in Kingston.

Many people reach a stage in their working life when they feel and know that they are in the wrong career. They made poor decisions when they were young. Those decisions may have been any one of the following:

• They followed their friend(s) and took the same path they were taking.
• They thought first about the amount of money they would earn in the job they were choosing.
• They thought they wanted to be powerful and have a big image out there, and so chose something which would put them on a high pedestal and in the limelight.
• They just made no decision at all... read more


Lance Corporal Doaneye Francis (left) of the Jamaica Defence Force fits a helmet on student Kelly Green at Denham Town High School’s Career Health And Wellness Fair.

Choosing A career can be as easy as 1-2-3, or it can be very scary; it just depends on how you approach it. You will always have more than one career in mind, and this is where it could become a bit confusing when you don’t know which one to choose. This is where you will have to join the dots correctly in order to clear your confusion and prioritise your goals and ambitions. Remember also that sometimes, something which you are very interested in and passionate about can actually be developed as a hobby, pastime or something which you can do on weekends, either for your own joy and... read more


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