Samsung’s Flip transforms the modern meeting

At CES 2018, Samsung Flip shows  how ideas can be instantaneously  shared across devices and how  multiple people can contribute, widen and  build on ideas in real time.  Samsung Electronics Company Limited  offered CES 2018 attendees a first look into  its vision for a ‘Workplace of the Future’ with  the unveiling of its new Samsung Flip digital  flip chart display. Introduced at the  company’s First Look event, the Samsung  Flip WM55H promotes more collaborative  digital engagement by alleviating the most  prominent challenges businesses face when  organising, facilitating and recapping... read more

Swift Playgrounds

Apple's sleek new iPad app teaches kids to code

By Dana Villamagna
Common Sense Media

Parents need to know that Swift Playgrounds is an iPad-only app that helps kids learn Swift, which is a programming language made by Apple and used to create apps. The puzzles and challenges incorporate cute alien-like characters and a 3D world to teach kids (or adults) to code using Swift. Users work through all the lessons and challenges, which include "every concept and skill" required to write real apps, according to Apple. Note: Swift laygrounds is not compatible with iPhones or... read more


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