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Dinthill top Anchovy High School

The number 21-seed Dinthill Technical High School from St Catherine went up against number 44-seed Anchovy High School from St James and came out as the winner of match 14 of the 50th season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz. Dinthill Technical High School won the toss but allowed Anchovy High School to go first.

Anchovy went on the score board first, taking the lead; however, they soon lost momentum from giving too many incorrect answers. Dinthill, on the other hand, had a slow start to the match, but soon closed the gap that was being created. The Opening Challenge ended with... read more

Kingston College crush first-timers St James High

Kingston College quiz team.

THE NUMBER 2-seed Kingston College (KC) from Kingston went up against first-timers number 63-seed St James High School from St James and came out as the winner of match 17 of the 50th season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz. St James High School won the toss and decided to go first.

The Opening Challenge saw Kingston College taking the lead, while St James High School got their first question correct. They did not get anymore until during the last 30 seconds of the round, where they received two additional points, ending the round on three points compared to KC’s six points.

... read more

Jamaica College beat St Mary’s College

Jamaica College’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz team.

MATCH 13 of the 50th season of Television Jamaica’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz featured number 15-seed St Mary’s College from St Catherine going up against number 29-seed Jamaica College (JC) from St Andrew. St Mary’s College won the toss and decided to go first.

The Opening Challenge of the match ended with Jamaica College leading by one point at four points to St Mary’s College’s three points. Queries made during the break, pushed JC one point higher to five for a question that was thought to be incorrect, but later accepted by the judges. St Mary’s College remained on three points... read more

Wolmer’s Boys’ vs Maggotty High

Members of Maggotty High School quiz team in action against Wolmer’s Boys’ School on January 17. Team members (from left): Kimberly Robinson, Luanor Swaby, Tiana Smith, and Shantoy Campbell.

Number eight seed Wolmer’s Boys’ from Kingston were probably the favorite going into the match, but number 57-seed Maggotty High was a formidable foe and kept Wolmer’s on their heels from the beginning of the match.

Before the match started, the ladies of Maggotty High School were bubbly and cheerful, and their coach Ryan Brown helped, as he was the team’s cheerleader, creating a relaxing atmosphere for the team. The young men of Wolmer’s Boys’ School were the total opposite, as they sat quietly and were focused on the task at hand.

The Opening Challenge saw both teams... read more

Holy Childhood High takes match 2

Match two winners Holy Childhood High School.

Match two of the 2019 season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz went to Holy Childhood High School, who won with 25 points, while Excelsior went home after gaining only nine points.

The match started with the ‘Opening Challenge’, where questions to each team were alternated. Excelsior won the toss but allowed Holy Childhood to go first. Holy Childhood took the lead and seemed very confident, while Excelsior did not seem ready for the match. The round ended on 9-5, with Holy Childhood leading.

For the ‘Speed Challenge’, however, Excelsior High almost closed the gap, but Holy... read more

Titchfield beat Enid Bennett in first match of SCQ 2019

Members of the Titchfield High School team.

The first match in the 50th season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz saw the number-one seeded Titchfield High School moving on to the second round of the competition after beating 64th-seeded Enid Bennett High School, scoring 41 to 25.

The evening started with the ‘Opening Challenge’, where questions were asked alternately to each team. Enid Bennett won the toss and decided to face the first question of the match. At the end of the first segment, both teams seemed evenly matched as the first challenge had both teams neck and neck on 10 points.

The ‘Speed Challenge’ followed,... read more


St Bess school placed first in Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurship Programme

Waste management in St Elizabeth has deteriorated because local authorities are running out of space and resources to manage waste. This is how students from St Elizabeth described the reason for their product development.

Rs Crafters, a grade-nine student run company, was one of 41 high school companies which completed the Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurship Program last... read more

Home of the RESILIENT

Sitting on top a hill in Spaulding, Clarendon, is a high school that many have deemed an underdog for years. However, Spalding High School has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with, particularly in the areas of sport, innovation, vocational training and even academics.


On January 8, 1973, Spalding Junior Secondary School opened its doors to students under the leadership of Caswell Burton, who was seconded from Bellefield Secondary School. At the time, the school catered for students 12-15 years in grades seven to nine. In 1975,... read more

Alpha persues 'Excellence'

Members of the CMA Dance Troupe.

The Convent of Mercy Academy’s Season of Excellence started with a bang on November 7, as students, parents, teachers and well-wishers gathered to celebrate the achievements of the ladies of the academy under the theme ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’. The ladies of the academy sat, expectantly awaiting their awards, in the ambience of the beautifully decorated McAuley Hall. In attendance were the Central Kingston Member of Parliament and Opposition Spokesman on Education Ronald Thwaites, and his wife, Marcia Thwaites – an Alpha alumni; the Archbishop of Kingston, His Grace the Most Reverend... read more

Social enterprise takes over MoBay

Elizabeth Goodleigh had students from Charlie Smith High fascinated by the fact that 360Recycle is using waste to create beautiful works of art and even playgrounds.

Scores of students and teachers converged on the Montego Bay Convention Centre recently to celebrate Global Social Enterprise Day 2018. The event, put on by the British Council, was a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and a strategic activity for their multiyear Social Enterprise in Secondary Schools Programme, a partnership with Victoria Mutual Foundation Limited, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI).

Participating in the proceedings were 13 of the 14 schools which are now a part of the programme – St Elizabeth Technical, Montego Bay,... read more


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