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High Achievers School Tour visited Charlie Smith High School

Rushaine Clarke
Lamando Shepherd

The school, which is located on Ninth Street in Kingston 12, St Andrew, was gifted with an exceptional day of fun and entertainment by Youthlink, Honey Bun, and Sparkling CranWATA during the ninth weekly staging
at the venerated institution.

The bright sun was nothing a cool, refresh- ing, and their attention on booth, which provided them with free Sparkling CranWATA, once they fulfilled the usual requirement of purchasing a copy of Youthlink. The announcement of the Charlie Smith high achievers Petra-Gay Brown had a blast.  was greeted with Friends Anthony Allen (left) and Kevan Tucker share a moment. thirst-quenching Sparkling CranWATA couldn't handle,
so the Charlie Smith students, teachers, and auxiliary staff focused Honey Bun cheers and a welcoming flurry of exhilaration. The achievers were especially ecstatic as they pressed through the crowd of their wed colleagues to make their way towards the Youthlink and Honey Bun banners. There, they collected their badges and Honey Bun goodie bags, and had their pictures taken to record their moment of triumph. Student enjoyment of the tour Ho Bu Buo Ho was seen throughout the day as they participated in the various activities, danced to the likes of Cha Cha Bwoy and Good Ting Dem, produced by popular dance- hall entertainer Ding Dong, and sang in exhilaration. 'The Youthlink/Honey Bun High Achievers School tour promotion was a wonderful experience for teachers, students and auxiliary Honey Eun 'Ink" These are Charlie Smith's high achievers.

staff. I always
welcome these kinds of events which encourage hard work and dedication for students. It's always a wonderful thing to reward students, and I am proud of our high achiever, " said a convivial Ms Gayle. "The students were very welcoming, excited and participated in all the activities. Thanks to Youthlink, Honey Bun, and Sparkling CranWATA. We at Charlie Smith High look forward to having you here with us again," she concluded. This season's tour is scheduled to run from mid-January until the end of February 2020, and is sponsored by Squeezz and SparklingCranWATA. 

Top students from second to fifth form (1 male, 1 female) 

• Top student from technical area: visual arts/building/en- gineering technology (this student will be given an opportunity to get his/her work published in The Gleaner's Youthlink) One outstanding student from sixth form

Each student will receive a co-branded High Achievers badge and a package/goodie bag from The Gleaner Company or Honey Bun One of the outstanding students will also walk away with a $10,000 grant (a student who has done well despite a bad situation — challenging family situation, etc).


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