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YouthIink Honey Bun's second - MANNING'S SCHOOL

From left: Breyana Francis, Rajiu, and Amanda Gordon enjoying themselves as the day progresses.

Mickella Anderson, Lamando Shepherd and Kajamba Fitz-Henley
Lamando Shepherd


Achievers School Tour reignited its flame with its second debut on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. This time around, the endeavor took the team from Youthlink, Honey Bun and Wisynco on a 196.7km expedition from Kingston to Westmoreland, passing verdant vegetation on the Dhio Tulloch cinnamon roll. Enjoying ourselves while drinking our Sparkling CranWATA with wow. way to Beckford Street, Savanna-la-Mar. "Last year was exceptional and, of course, this year will be no different! We expect the students to display similar or even higher degrees of engagement as the tour sweeps its way throughout the scheduled schools," said MC Cornelius Grant. "Already, I see some curious onlookers; students, teachers and [other] staff gathering around, just brimming with curiosity and anticipation for the exciting activities to come," he continued. 

“The tour at my school was very good and I really enjoyed it! This was my first experience with Youthlink and Honey Bun, and I can say it was a fantastic experience,” stated fifth-form student Malica Rowe. “I’m thankful for having the companies coming to my school and giving us the opportunity to have a wonderful time. I would like the future students of my school have the same experience or even better, so, of course, I would definitely like my school to be a part of this initiative again in the future. Thank you!” she said. Fifth-form coordinator Jessica Davidson was more than happy to express appreciation and thanks to the companies for taking the opportunity to reward her students for their efforts at hard work. “My experience with the Youthlink and Honey Bun High Achievers Tour could only be summarised in one word, ‘awesome’. I was truly excited to see the members of the tour and observe the manner in which the students interacted with the representatives. The MC came with a vibe that kept the crowd rocking, and it was quite wonderful to see students take part in the various promotional items and games,” she said. “The true highlight for me was to witness the top students receive their goodie bags and to have a student from my form be the recipient of the $10,000 grant. It’s a joy to see students excelling, but an even greater joy to have their efforts recognised and celebrated,” she continued.

Students participated in a collection of activities, which included the Honey Bun modelling, dance-off, jingle and push-up competitions that were highly engaging and appealing to their fellow schoolmates, teachers and auxiliary staff members alike. Eager students rushed towards the booth to purchase their Youthlink so that they could receive their free product from Honey Bun – as well as a Sparkling CranWATA from Wisynco to sooth the intense heat of the sun. As a token of their appreciation for a fun-filled day and for bringing the initiative to Manning’s, the school provided the team with a delicious lunch of pineapple-sauce fish, fried chicken and Irish potato salad with rice and peas. This season’s tour is scheduled to run from mid-January to the end of February 2020, and is sponsored by Squeezz and SparklingCranWATA.


Top students from second to fifth form (one male, one female).
Top student from technical area: visual arts/building/engineering technology (this student will be given an opportunity to get his/her work published in Youthlink).
One outstanding student from sixth form.

Each student will receive a co-branded High Achiever’s badge and a package/goodie bag from The Gleaner or Honey Bun.
One of the 10 students will also walk away with a $10,000 grant (a student who has done well despite a bad situation – like a challenging family situation, etc).


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