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Youthlink/Honey Bun Tour

Rushaine Clarke

THE YOUTH LINK/HONEY Bun High Achievers School tour made its way to the corner of Young and Ellis streets in St Catherine in search of Spanish Town High School. Upon arrival, the students and teachers were in the middle of a session, but when they saw the Honey Bun vehicle and Youthlink team, eyes gazed in curiosity and whispers began around the compound.

Popular media personality Cornelious Grant grabbed the mic and announced the presence of both companies, and when the high-tempo music and vibrant moves from the Honey Bun dancers began, within minutes, scores of students and teachers converged on the scene in anticipation of an eventful day. Cornelius was a brilliant MC, to say the least. His gimmicks and animated style not only got the students riled up in excitement, but also the teachers, auxiliary staff, and members of the Youthlink and Honey Bun teams, who could not help but laugh at his every word.

“This endeavor has been very entertaining for the students and staff. The reactions we have received at Spanish Town High make me feel very welcome, so this initiative has been very successful,” said Honey Bun Regional Manager Phillip Moses.

The day’s proceedings featured a dance competition in which students displayed sensational moves to songs from artists such as Vybz Kartel and Stylo G. Next up was modeling when students had to model with their Youthlink magazine, followed by a dramatic competition of strength, with male students engaged in a decisive push-up competition.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement and the day filled with hilarious activities. From the Honey Bun dancers showcasing their moves, to the teachers and auxiliary staff rushing towards the Youthlink booth to purchase a copy of the magazine so they could get their hands on a tasty doughnut, coconut roll, raisin bread, cheese breed and a thirst-quenching Squeezz from Wisynco, everything was well received.
“I like the Honey Bun Cinnamon Roll. It was delicious and I never tasted anything like it before. I was very excited when it was announced that Stylo G was coming to my school. His performance was great and I was happy to see him in real life,” said first-form student Brittania Gray.

Though the students were limited to the area and corridors surrounding their classrooms, they were tuned in and responsive to all that was happening. They screamed with joy as they listened to and watched their schoolmates being summoned on stage to be given their ‘high achievers’ badge of honour for being selected as the 10 exceptional academic performers.

Kamala Brown was announced as the most outstanding achiever and granted $10,000 from Honey Bun for defying more unfortunate personal disadvantages, yet maintaining a high standard of excellence among her peers. She smiled warmly as she posed for the Youthlink camera, feeling proud of herself and achievements.

“I’m very happy for being granted $10,000 from Honey Bun. It can help towards my school expenses,” she said. When Cornelius announced that dancehall artist Stylo G was making his way to perform for the students, this ignited a frenzy of screams and excitement. He was electrifying, rocking the school grounds with Touch Down and Dumplin. Happy to see one of their favourite and most trending


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