Regina Bish, Youthlink Writer Ricardo Da'vian Allen is far from the average young Jamaican. At 22, he already has a plethora of achievements and accolades affixed to his name, with his main interest being in the field of actuarial science. He is an extremely insightful young man with countless, innovative ideas, ideologies and theories about politics, business investments and the overall future and welfare of Jamaica. Background
Vivienne Grant, Contributor Kelsie never forgot the physics lesson when her teacher, Mr Crawford, aka 'Gravity Defied', stated, "Like poles repel, unlike poles attract". So it was with the friendship between Kelsie and Eva-Marie. Eva-Marie was almost everything that Kelsie was not. She was butter-coloured with a mix of chicken gravy. She had long, dark-brown hair, tawny eyes, beautiful teeth and a winning smile. She exuded confidence and her young grade-seven body was an early indication that she would be a pleasurable bother to the opposite sex.
Do you know the names of the schools these students attend? Email us at and win a gift bag from Honey Bun. You must be 25 years or younger to enter.  Last week's answer: a. Maggotty High Schoolb. Excelsior Highc. Merlene Ottey High School   (A)
Corey I. Lindner, Youthlink Writer Marred by innocence, high levels of curiosity and 'cute' stupidity, the precious and priceless experiences of our childhood have set the stage on which we are to perform as adolescents and, ultimately, as adults. Youthlink will celebrate Child's Month 2012 by reminiscing with young adults on events of their childhood. This week we'll see the world through Donette Morris and Matthew Holung's eyes. Donette Morris, 20 When I was a child I believed in ...
Corey I. Lindner, Youthlink Writer Nothing can touch a heart or change a life like a song can, so a 'chorus' of talented artistes have joined forces to pen and perform a song which urges us all of us to play our part in the fight against child abuse, mistreatment and neglect of our nation's children. Check out the lyrics and comments from some of the artistes themselves.  PLAY YOUR PART
Corey I. Lindner, Youthlink Writer Sunday, May 13, will be a very special day for mothers across Jamaica and you need to play your part in making it extra special by surprising your mom with a gift or two. Stop pondering and remove that hand from your chin! Use the key below to unlock the perfect gift ideas for the woman of the day.  Day/Evening spas gift certificate
Corey I. Lindner, Youthlink Writer In celebration of Mother's Day, Adam, Glenroy, Geneve* and Katherine are expressing love and appreciation for their mothers, via open letters to them.  To my Mother, Gillian:
Regina Bish, Youthlink Writer
Corey I. Lindner, Youthlink Writer If you find yourself panicking on the day or night before a major exam, don't worry, you are not alone. In your heightened, anxious state you will be inclined to stuff as much information as possible into your brain, hoping that you'll remember all of it for the exam. In most cases, you will barely remember a fraction of what you had studied - unless you use these tips to make cramming work in your favour. Don't Stress!