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YL Voxpop: As it relates to charity, what is your 2018 resolution?


Stephanie Lyew

The Shaggy and Friends concert on January 6 equally attracted adult patrons and youths. The event which has been held for the past nine years has been in aid of raising funds to assist with the improvement of the facilities at the Bustamante Hospital for Children. For many who came, it was not only entertaining but inspired them to take on new projects in hopes of finding ways to contribute to the cause and other charitable activities. The Youthlink Magazine was on location and we asked a few of the young adults as well as Pine and Ginger artist, Tessellated, “As it relates to charity, what is your 2018 resolution?”, check out what they had to say.

Tessellated: I feel like I should be doing more to help persons in need. I want to help as much as I can for 2018 onwards. Where I see an opening or something within my ability once it is for a worthy cause I want to take that action and just do it. The concert I held in December was in aid of the Alpha Boy’s School and hopefully more events like that can be executed and grow for charity fundraising.

Jada Campbell, 15: My New Year’s resolution is to try and give back as much as possible because as young adults many of us has a tendency to think about ourselves too much. So for 2018 I am trying to focus on others and help others.

Luke Chin, 17: My 2018 resolution is give more money towards charity. If I had JMD $100,000 right now I would give it to the cause. However, my plan is to encourage my parents, relatives and friends to donate as best as they can to the people that are in need.

Amanda Whylie, 15: My New Year’s resolution as it deals with charity is to get more involved at my church (Stella Maris) to help out more because we do a lot of stuff for the less fortunate. Last year we did something for children of the entire Grants Pen community and I want to expand that project by getting my school involved.

Gabrielle Porter, 16: I want to help out more and visit more children’s homes around the island. Charity is not something that is new to me as I usually do bake sales with friends but last year because of CSEC we were unable to do so. The money earned from bake sales go towards the homes so the plan is to continue that this year.

Alyssa Hutton, 17: Aside from aiming to pass my CSEC examinations it is my wish to help other children to do so. By helping them I mean spend more time with them off my free will, to get to know about their ambitions, teach them about their history and where they come from and how to be proud of it no matter their conditions. My target is not only in homes but the youth in general.

Keyondre Clarke, 13: Resolution? Let me think about it. It would be to donate more money and time. I have never been involved with charities or any activities like that probably because I am mostly lazy to go out and get involved. So I would
change that for 2018.

Jada-Chereece Woolcock, 13: Actually I have been hearing that icebergs have been melting because of global warning and being passionate about the environment have been saving up to give in. I haven’t heard a lot about other charities but

Arianna Grant, 12: In 2017 I visited Bethlehem Children’s Home and I would like to go back this year. Also as part of my resolution I want to expand beyond that home, visit others, to interact more, get involved in feeding programmes at other children’s homes.


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