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Mt Alvernia two points shy of winning

Kareem LaTouche, Youthlink Coordinator

Week six of the 50th season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz began with a bang as Wolmer’s High School for Girls from Kingston faced off with Mount Alvernia High School from St James.

The match was one to watch, as both teams were neck and neck from the Opening Challenge, which ended eight to nine in favour of Mount Alvernia High School. The one-point lead was maintained by Mount Alvernia up to the Speed Challenge, which ended 28 to 27. However, during the break, queries were made and Wolmer’s Girls gained a point, officially ending the second round at 28 all.

This resulted in a very excited Buzzer Challenge with both teams gaining and losing points, resulting in a tie at 36 points at the end of the allotted four minutes. A tie-breaker question was given. Mount Alvernia was the first to buzz. A mixture of disappointment, relief and joy fell over the audience when Mount Alvernia could not answer the question, resulting in a two-point loss. The match ended with Wolmer’s Girls on 36 points and Mount Alvernia High School on 34 points.

The match which followed was an easy one to predict, with newcomers from St Thomas, Yallahs High School, going up against Munro College from St Elizabeth. Munro College dominated the match from the beginning, as Yallahs only got on to the score board during the first minute of the Speed Challenge. The Speed Challenge ended with Munro on 25 and Yallahs on four points. This led into the Buzzer Challenge, which Munro College easily won with 37 and Yallahs ended with no points at all.

As the first match in the second round, Holy Childhood High School faced Titchfield High School and fell. Titchfield coach Alpha Sparkes said that it feels normal for Titchfireld to be moving on to the third round of the competition. Titchfield’s dominance was felt as they led from the first round through to the final bell in the buzzer section. Holy Childhood High tried to put up a fight, but ended the match on 17 points to Titchfield’s 46.

Round two continued with Central High School and Charlemont High School battling for a third-round spot in the competition. Central High School pulled out on top, but this came as no surprise considering the fact that they led the match from the first round. The Opening Challenge ended five to three and the Speed Cahllenge ended 20 to 14 after Charlemont was penalised for a question where ‘pass’ was said before the correct answer was given and points allocated accordingly. Upon review of the tapes, however, the error was discovered and the necessary deductions made. The Buzzer Challenge ended with Central High School on 26 points and Charlemont High School on nine points. Charlemont soon gained four points for a question which was initially given as incorrect but, after queries, the answer given was accepted, resulting in Charlemont ending the match on 13 points.

Match three in round two was a matter of who could handle the pressure better, and that turned out to be Old Harbour High School. From Manchester, deCarteret College went up against Old Harbour High School from St Catherine. DeCarteret College led the match from the Opening Challenge, where they scored five points to Old Harbour’s three. This lead continued through to the Speed Challenge, where deCarteret scored 21 points and Old Harbour acquired 17. The tables soon turned, though, when the pressure was applied in the Buzzer Challenge and Old Harbour High School blossomed under it, taking the lead and scoring 37 points to deCarteret College’s 23 points.

The final match for week six of the competition was between St George’s College and Maggotty High School. The teams seemed evenly matched, as both had a slow start and ended the Opening Challenge on two points each. There was a bit of a difference in the scores by the end of the Speed Challenge when St George’s College attempted to show that they wanted the victory more. The round ended14 -10, with Maggotty behind. The Buzzer Challenge was an exciting one which had everyone on the edge of his or her seat. Both teams battled for the chance to move on to the third round, but it was Maggotty that pulled forward for the win and held their composure over the St George’s team. The match ended with Maggotty High School on 20 points and St George’s College on 14 points.

The remaining matches should be just as exciting as the ones from this week.

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