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Campion College whip Greater Portmore


The number 60-seed Greater Portmore High School from St Catherine went up against number five-seed Campion College from St Andrew. Greater Portmore High School won the toss and decided to go first.

Campion College, the 2018 champions, established a lead in the Opening Challenge during which they gained four points, but Greater Portmore High School was not able to get on the scoreboard. By the Speed Challenge, Greater Portmore High School opened their account, but Campion had widened the gap and ended the round on 23 to Greater Portmore’s five points. The Buzzer Challenge was mostly one-sided as Campion College was quicker on the buzzer and got the majority of their questions correct. The only question that Greater Portmore was quick enough to answer, they got it wrong, losing the expected two points. The match ended 39 to 3 in favour of Campion College.

Randall Campbell, coach of Campion College, did not specify what the team will be working out for round two of the competition, but told Youthlink that a lot of work will be done in preparation.

After the break, Nigel Richards shared that the Greater Portmore team will start preparations for the next season of Schools’ Challenge Quiz. “They are a young team and we are just starting, so after a week or two we will be back in training,” he said. He promised that next season the same team will be back and they will give a better performance than they did this year.

Campion College will meet York Castle in the second round of the competition.

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