Youth Inventors Competition

Katalyxt does it again! A subsidiary of Mint Management and Finance Services Limited, presented the first round of Judging for the “Katalyxt Youth Innovators Competition” at the Jamaica Conference Center on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. A strong turnout of participating schools made the atmosphere both interactive and electrifying while providing an avenue for students to share products/services to the team of judges.

In keeping with Katalyxt’s mission of transferring knowledge, and stimulating the innovative talent in students with an entrepreneurial mindset, the launch kicked off
with Moderator, Cheryll Stewart acknowledging the sponsors and stakeholders:
Development Bank of Jamaica, EXIM Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Jamaica Association for
Micro Financing (JAMFIN), Tru Juice, Jamaica Producers, HEART Trust NTS, endorsed by
the Ministry of Education

She further welcomed guests and participants.
Team leader of Katalyxt, Winsome Minott, welcomed the participants to the launch of the 7 th staging of the Youth Innovators’ Competition. Minott stressed the team’s continuous commitment to provide information, training and inspiration to students in our high schools, with the hope that some will become innovators and job creators. Minott also noted the importance of being resilient in the face of adversity, ‘entrepreneurs will face problems, however, it is the right attitude, where perseverance meets preparation that will lead to success.” Minott ended her message on high note, having the students join in the YIC mantra, ‘We are innovators, we are job creators.”
The hope of “Katalyxt Youth Innovator’s Competition” is to continue fostering a deep sense of creativity and innovation among Jamaica’s youth. The program seeks to address many of the problems facing today’s youth in Jamaica. Katalyxt provides the challenge for young people to overcome limitations by tapping in their God given potential. Several schools from across Jamaica were represented with twenty-five (25) entries. The judging will continue during April, 2017.


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