Are long-distance relationships better ?

Ricardo Campbell, Youthlink Writer

If you live in Montego Bay, could you be committed to someone who lives in Kingston and remain true to him or her? Better yet, what if you live in Jamaica and the person lives abroad or vice versa?

Marlon Sergeant: Constructing a career in photograph

Ricardo Campbell, Youthlink Writer

Construction and photography may not be the obvious career pairing for the average 19-year-old, but for University of Technology (UTech) student Marlon Sergeant it is most practical. After successfully completing an associate degree in architectural and construction technology at Montego Bay Community College, he is now enrolled in the same programme at UTech, but this time for a bachelor's degree. He has also taken up photography and he calls his new venture MOS Multimedia.

Technology, a blessing or curse?

Ricardo Campbell, Youthlink Writer

Is there any society on the globe which has not been penetrated by some element of technology? If so, sign me up and book me a ticket because sometimes the idea of escaping the influx of technology is not such a bad thing.

It's all about balancing

Ricardo Campbell, Youthlink Writer

Balancing two unique careers is something 19-year-old Samantha Jackson is intent on doing, especially since one involves keeping persons entertained.

The Jamaica-born Harding University student, who is pursuing a degree in nursing in the United States of America, has decided to balance her books and needles with music, rap-gospel to be exact.