DIY prom proposals

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Emoji apparel

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Teacher's Day gift ideas

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Despite the fact that school may not be your favourite place in the world, it is possible for a teacher to be your favorite person in the world. Even so, teachers do so much for us. Yes, they teach us math, English and other subjects, but sometimes they can teach us so much more. Therefore, Youthlink believes that you should show your appreciation for your favorite teachers on Teacher's Day with special DIY gifts.

A sweet treat

6 make-up products every girl of colour should know

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

It's not easy to find make-up products that complement our diverse, beautiful skin tone. However, even though products that suit darker hues are harder to find and more costly, here are some that Youthlink has ranked as the top five make-up products for darker complexions. 

1. Sleek Face Contour Kit