'11:59 Fashion Overboard'

December 31 marks the occasion for many things, including the eve of a new year filled with fresh, exciting beginnings and aspirations to look forward to. What better way to have ended 2016 than with a BANG, and '11:59 Fashion Overboard' was the place to be on Saturday, December 31.

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The turnout was exceptional, filled from the entrance all the way to the DJ section and to the far back of the venue. Compared to the first instalment of the event, this was amazing. When one of the promoters was asked about this huge change, he remarked, "There were only four persons present at our first-ever event and, to be completely honest, one of them was a DJ, so he didn't even count." Based on the attendance for 2016, they have really come a far way.

Way-up moment
With the right tracks being selected and the strangers-turned-party friends raving together, '11:59' was a memorable night for all in attendance.

Repeat or nah?
This party should definitely be repeated, seeing as how the attendance was more than acceptable and they had the Rebel Sound team to make sure the energy and vybes were flowing throughout the night. I'm expecting next year's staging to be even better than this one.