Make-up Queen

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Chanel Spence

Back-2-school DiYs!

Make-up is now becoming a best friend to every girl out there. How about having your own brand? Here are three easy DIYs; you can model to having your own make-up line! 

You will need:
A) A container
B) A small bowl
C) Olive oil
D) Coco powder/cinnamon powder

1. Add 1/2tsp of olive oil.
2. Add half a cup of all the other ingredients in the bowl and stir.
3. If you want to make it darker to match your skin tone, then add more coco/cinnamon powder. 

You will need:
A) A bowl (oven-safe) B) Crayon (toxic free)
C) Pot and stove D) Toothpick
E) 1/2tsp of coconut oil F) An empty container

1. Pour half a cup of water into your oven-safe bowl.
2. Place it into a pot with two cups of water and turn on the stove to medium heat.
3. Break an inch of the crayon (remove lid) and place into the bowl.
4. Add 1/2tsp of coconut oil for even inch of the crayon that is added.
5. Use the toothpick and gently stir the crayon until it is completely melted.
6. After it is fully melted, immediately pour into the container and set it to dry. 

You will need:
A) Eyeshadow primer
B) Any colour eyeshadow
C) Two eyeshadow brushes
D) A small container


1. Begin to shred/shake out a small portion of your eyeshadow into the small container.
2. Add a small amount of primer on the shredded eyeshadow and use one of the brush to mix it out.
3. Use the other eyeshadow brush and apply.