Little Caesars and Popeyes

The new 'kid' on the block

Latara Boodie:Youthlink Writer

Little Caesars and Popeyes in Manor Park Plaza dominated local social media last year, as a popular teen hang-out spot. The addition of a new fast-food restaurant was viewed as exciting by many who saw the need for more diversity among the fast-food franchises in Jamaica. Being the 'new kid on the block', Little Caesars has to compete with more established franchises which currently have a very large and loyal customer base. Youthlink visited the establishment to see what all the buzz was about, how it is keeping up with the competition, and hear of new things being offered.Sabrena McDonald Radcliffe, regional sales and marketing manager for Little Caesar's, shared her insights.

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Youthlink (YL): Why do you think this franchise will be a hit with teens?
Sabrena McDonald Radcliffe (SMR): The 'Hot-N-Ready' promise of Little Caesars Pizza fits perfectly with how Jamaican teenagers view themselves as 'hot' (on trend) and 'ready' (always in the frame of mind to participate in what is exciting). We have four products that deliver the 'Hot-N-Ready' meal experience - Large Classic Pepperoni Pizza, Large Classic Cheese Pizza, Crazy Bread Combo with Crazy Sauce, and Caesar Wings (Oven Roasted, Mild Buffalo, Hot Buffalo, BBQ, Spicy BBQ). Our Classic Large Pepperoni and Large Cheese cost only $1,000. That is very affordable for teenagers.The fact that customers can come in and order these products without calling or waiting makes getting meals for study group sessions or a friendly lyme hassle-free for teenagers.

YL: What makes you different from the two other pizza chains?

SMR: No calling. No waiting. It's ready now. You don't have to call in and wait for a long time to get our 'Hot-N-Ready' options; and for our specialty pizzas (Hula Hawaiian, Veggie, Ultimate Supreme, 3 Meat Treat), the wait time is much less than the competition. What we also have [that is] significantly less than the competition are our prices across the board for all products. Additionally, we are the perfect marriage of convenience and value for families and friends who want a deliciously shareable and affordable meal - all our pizzas are large.

YL: Can you host parties? If so, what are the packages that exist?

SMF: We can host parties upstairs at our co-branded Manor Centre location, which also hosts a new Popeyes store. Plans are being developed to make this space even more party-friendly. 

Our thoughts (all youthlink writers)

Shantae Shand

Little Caesars: "The pizzas are very thick. If you are a pizza fan, then this is definitely for you. The Crazy Bread is soft with a nice texture. I recommend eating the Crazy Bread with Cheesy Jalapeno or Ranch Sauce. Extremely cheap. No small pizzas. No wait time with Hot-n-Ready Orders. Best thing on a budget is everything."

Popeyes: "The mild chicken is a must-try if you are a crunch lover. I also like the red beans and rice. It reminded me a lot of soul food."

Danielle Mullings

Little Caesars: "My must-try is the BBQ Wings on the Hot-N-Ready menu. I really like these. They are very savoury and appetising. I also like that there isn't too much grease on the pizza."

Popeyes: "I love the popcorn shrimp and fries. That is my favourite thing on the menu. The shrimp is crispy and flavourful."

Chenelle Williams

Little Caesars: "The large pizza has an exceptionally savoury sauce that slightly overwhelmes the cheese flavour. Despite the overpowering flavour, the sauce is rich and delicious."

Popeyes: "One of my favourites is the heavenly fries. They were crispy and well-seasoned. Another must-try is the Spicy Wings. The keyword is spicy. The wings, despite their small size, pack a fiery, spicy punch that is soothed by an abrupt sweet flavour. If you like sweet-and-sour chicken with added spice, this is for you." 

The Party Meal serves 2 large (pepperoni/cheese) pizzas, Crazy Bread with Crazy Sauce and a 2-litre soda for only $2,620. 
The Super Meal serves 1 large (pepperoni/cheese) pizza, Caesar Wings, Crazy Bread with Crazy Sauce and a 2-litre soda for just $2,320.