Clay Shooting: A sport building leadership and character for youngsters

From left: Amir Azan, David Wong, Khaleel Azan and Anna Issa.

One could say it is slowly but notably becoming apparent that clay shooting has a place among our youngsters, not only for the athletic skills acquired through the sport, but also for its contribution to character development. The young leaders in clay shooting confirm the sport’s potential for considerable impact on a worthy generation. For this reason, Youthlink is dutifully putting the spotlight on the likes of Anna Issa, clay shooting vice-captain at Hillel Academy; Amir Azan, clay shooting captain at Campion College; and Danzell Knight, captain of the clay shooting team at the... read more

The best is yet to come

Tatayana Graham (left) receives the Burger King Lois Sherwood Scholarship from Lois Sherwood, chair, Restaurant Associates Limited, at the presentation of the 2018 Burger King Scholarships at the Terra Nova Hotel on August 20. Three point eight million dollars in scholarships, bursaries and book grants were presented to 24 students at the event.

The house where she lived with her mom and siblings burnt down in January 2016, and among her personal belongings, all her notes to support her studies for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations went up in flames. She called a shelter ‘home’ before her mother was able to secure the means for a small dwelling.

With CSEC four short months away, Tatayana Graham’s academic journey could have been seriously derailed, but not so for this former student of St Andrew High School for Girls, now entering the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, thanks to a J$... read more

Mom wants him chaperoned on dates

Dear Counsellor,

I am a 15-year-old male and my mother refuses to allow me to go on a date unaccompanied. I am an average student, I do OK. My mother constantly nags about my schoolwork and my don’t-care attitude. I know I spend a lot of time on my phone and I love gaming. How can I work this out? Yours,

Dear SH,

The situation you have presented is not unusual in mother and teen relationships. Your mother may have her reasons for her decisions, based on her experience or the experiences of others. I recognise, too, that your mother is not... read more

Why didn’t I get accepted to my Ivy League college of choice?

Dear Counsellor:
I am a 19-year-old male and I am concerned that my college applications have not been going as expected. I have 11 distinctions in CSEC and six distinctions in CAPE. I know that I am an excellent student, so why am I not being accepted to my first- or even second-choice Ivy League college? I am bordering on depression, as some of my friends have been accepted to colleges of their choice and I have not been. What is the problem? Is it that I am too qualified? Should I have omitted some of my accomplishments? I am actively involved in my community and my church. Is God... read more

3 fun facts about Australian wildlife

1. Wombat poo is shaped like a cube

Animal droppings are natural ways of marking territory to prevent confrontation and promote mating. In addition to scent markings, or scents produced by the hormones that animals release, wombats leave their cube-shaped scat as territorial signposts on the tops of rocks and logs. That distinct shape is beneficial, since the flat sides of the cubes keep the droppings in place on their precarious locations.

2. Platypus are highly poisonous and have enough poison to kill a dog or make a human seriously ill... read more

Would You Rather:Time To Try Something New

Reluctance to trying something new can be due to fear or just a strong belief that we will automatically dislike whatever the new thing is. However, everyone has to try something new at some point. Here are some scenarios to stimulate your thoughts about trying something new.

You and your parents are at your cousin’s wedding and the main course for the meal is some variation of rodent meat. Your cousin is from overseas and this meat is very popular in his culture. Everyone at the table seems enthusiastic to try the meat dish, but the very thought of it makes you queasy. If you don’t... read more

Success In The Frame

This week Youthlink puts the spotlight on another bright young mind – Matthew Orville Dawson, a young and passionate photographer and avid car enthusiast, is paving for himself an even brighter future. Speaking on his interest in cars, Dawson told Youthlink, “I knew I liked cars from I was eight, but I started really getting into them when I was 12.” As he met with us at Porsche Centre on Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston, the
Excelsior High School graduate spoke of his special love for the Porsche brand. “I was getting tired of seeing the BMWs, Audis and Mercedes all the time.”... read more

5 foods for maximum brain power

AS WE all make the trek back to school, of course we think of the basics like books, bags, stationary and even lunch money; but what about just lunch? Believe it or not, the food we put in our bodies at school, and for school, is just as important as everything else we absorb there. Thus, it is essential that as growing teenagers dealing with all the mental stresses of school, we eat the best things to maximise our energy and brainpower. Here’s a list of foods that will help!

5. Eggs

This common breakfast item is known to improve memory abilities. According... read more

Would You Rather: Delayed gratification

This is an issue we all struggle with: “Do I enjoy what I can now or wait for the future when it could be better??”. Most people have to face decisions like these in everyday life. Some call delaying gratification discipline while others see it as stupidity. This week’s Would You Rather is meant to explore just how many of us prefer planning for the future as opposed to living in the moment. 

  • You see a phone that you’ve wanted for months as your phone is cracked and always malfunctioning. The phone you’re eyeing is the new trend at the moment but you could never afford one.... read more
Tavar Brown Petrojam’s H.J. Fenton Scholarship awardee

Petrojam’s H.J. Fenton Scholarship recipient for 2017 is more than just an academic. Tavar Brown exudes a confidence that makes him immediately likable, sitting down for a tell-all with Youthlink.

He recalls a type of growing up that would lean on the idea of chivalry being still alive as he, away from his parents in Kingston, started life in Clarendon at age three with grandparents and tremendous aunts. Though he missed Mommy, “not a little bit, but a lot,” Tavar says living with Grandma taught him certain life skills.

“Church was a must,” he said. “I never once recalled not... read more


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