The challenges of young love

Natasha Stewart, Youthlink Writer

Western Bureau:

A love relationship at any stage is not without challenges and 'young love' sometimes faces even greater difficulties. In this feature, Youthlink will highlight the highs and lows of young couples who are intent on achieving their goals while ensuring that their love grows with each passing day.

This week, the focus is on Montego Bay's Jodene Gray, 20, and Radaine Ainsworth, 20, who have been dating for the last three years. Both are enrolled at the University of Technology (western campus) and are pursuing business studies.

YL: What do you admire most about each other?

Jodene: He is very thoughtful, honest, kind, loving. I can trust him and he appreciates my cooking (lol). He is not old, not over protective, not fat; he is just the perfect guy. Moreover he tells me the truth about my imperfections and compliments me.

Radaine: She is very intelligent, loving and caring and she understands me. She has a winning smile and is very beautiful. She has a very warm and comforting personality, too.

YL: How do friends and relatives react to your relationship?

Jodene: My sister's best friend admires us and persons ask what is our secret, and our parents are also very supportive.

Radaine: Well, we mostly get reactions about how much we look alike. Other than that they all support us on our journey. Although all relationships have outsiders who secretly wish for the worst, and I have encountered many of those.

YL: What advice would you give to other young couples who are struggling in their relationships?

Jodene: Take it slowly. It's not about sex; integrity is key. Remember, the person you are with now is not necessarily the person you will be with forever. It's better to be in love with a friend than a total stranger, but life does not end following a bad break-up. You can always pick yourself up and move on.

YL: What would you say to young men who are searching for that 'perfect girl'?

Radaine: There is no such thing as a perfect girl. You just have to make the necessary adjustments to minor issues and ensure that the girl respects and understands you. Be very observant of every girl with whom you come into contact and think you want to get serious with, because appearance alone will never make you satisfied. 

Jodene and Radaine - Contributed