BB Corner - It's 'Emancipendence' Week!

Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Quote of the Week:

"Independence means the opportunity for us to frame our own destiny and the need for us to rely on ourselves in so doing. It does not mean a license to do as we would like. It means work and law and order . Let us resolve to build a Jamaica which will last and of which we and generations to come will be proud, remembering that especially at this time the eyes of the world are upon us." ~ The Right Excellent Sir William Alexander Clarke Bustamante (Jamaica's First Prime Minister in his Independence Address on August 7, 1962)

BB Aware Tip:

How many times have you heard to travel in groups? Not only does strength come in numbers, but having more than two eyes allows for a wider scope. We know many of you will be out and about to celebrate the 'Emancipendence' week so here's a tip for now and later. When out with friends, assign responsibilities to each other. If you drive, then the designated driver will have to take on more responsibility. Have a point person that communicates with the group if it splits up. Choose an area as the official meeting spot you may need to regroup during an event or at the end, never lose the location of the driver because in case of an emergency for example in the case of a fire, everyone panics and it's every man for himself.

BB Discussion Topic:

What are your thoughts on the recent news release on our track athletes and their believed abuse of banned substances? Do you think the discoveries are as plain as black and white, true or even a set up?

Kristine Palmer: I refuse to believe ANY Jamaican Athlete would knowingly take a banned substance when tests are being done on a regular basis. Putting their careers at risk and tarnish the country's image? I'm not saying it is a set up but it seems a bit off that a number of our track athletes' results are coming back positive.

Kevon Harris: It can't be coincidence that two of our athletes out of the blue following VCB would be tested positive for banned substances. I would probably think Asafa more than Sherone (no offense to Asafa) due to the pressure faced, but Sherone? Innocent looking Sherone? Although looks can be deceiving, something is wrong man!

Frances Harvey: Every drug these days seem to be something that is considered a banned substance; every drug combined makes up another type of drug. The board makes a list of things not to take but if you look at the ingredients of pills, you will see a little bit of everything. So, the board needs to review the list because now all runners not only Jamaicans will be out of a job because they can't even take painkillers for recovery. As for VCB's case, I believe it was pressure related.

Let's BB-Save:

Save credit for important calls. You or your friends can share at least $25 credit with each other to participate in text messaging chats. After all, after sending a few texts you receive 100 free. Just make use of the time, the text characters and don't waste a free text on 'lol' and 'omg'. Every free text counts.

Top 5 BB 'Emancipendence' Ringtones:

1. Bam Bam - Toots and the Maytals (1966)
2. Land of My Birth - Eric Donaldson (1978 Festival Song Winner)
3. Redemption - Bob Marley (Released 1980 on the album 'Uprising')
4. World Dance - Beenie Man (on Blessed Album released 1995 )
5. On a Mission - Shaggy, Tifa, Chevelle Franklin, Assassin, Romain Virgo, Beres Hammond, Tarrus Riley, Damian Marley, Wayne Marshall & Tessanne (2012)

Pic of the Week

People all over the world celebrate Jamaica and this is shown in so many ways; for example Gustazos a marketing company recently introduced to Jamaica had a welcoming party in Puerto Rico where they had these fabulous cupcakes arranged in the Jamaican flag. See more photos of this event welcoming Jamaica at


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