BB Corner

Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Quote of the week

"It's like a shattered vase, one could try to glue it back together hoping to get it back to its exact original or one could use those shattered pieces to create something better like a beautiful mosaic." - Stephen Joseph PhD (Author of What doesn't Kill us; Metaphor of the Shattered Vase 

BB awareness tip

Are you safe from the Internet? Did you know many youths are befriended by individuals who may not seem like a threat on social networks but are potentially dangerous in person? Let's face facts. The Optimist International website ( states, "Statistics shows that 99 per cent of all teens have access to the Internet and 94 per cent of students have admitted to being cyber-bullied and did not tell an adult."
If you are faced with cyber-bullying, or if it seems that a 'friend' you met through social networking is getting too personal or proposing you partake in uncompromising activities, tell an adult.

BB scenario

@YouthlinkMag: Your teacher, supervisor or someone above ranks at school or in the workplace adds you to Blackberry Messenger. What do you do?

P@rtYGurl: First, I would wonder how they got my BlackBerry pin. I would accept, but ask him or her where, who or how they got my pin from.

Johnathon The Don: I'd be afraid to add the person, but it may seem rude if I add my teacher or boss then ask how they got my contact.

P@rtYGurl: I'd just be straight up, or before adding them hopefully see them in person and ask then.

@YouthlinkMag: Maybe asking a teacher or boss in person, depending on the approach, would be better before accepting the add request.

Johnathon The Don: I'd feel very uncomfortable, maybe change my name because I'd feel as though I'm being scrutinised.

P@rtYGurl: For what purpose would a teacher or supervisor want to add you without asking personally for your contact? Only then would it be ok for them to send a request. I would not change my name, my BlackBerry is my personal space. 

Discussion topic

Do you think schools should be ranked based on the performance of students in mathematics and English in the CSEC examinations?

(A) Yes 38%
(B) No 41%
(C) Undecided 21% 

Top five BB ringtones this week

1. EVE - Eve, featuring Miss Kitty
2. Murderer - Ishawna
3. Hey Porshe - Nelly
4. Never Should Have - Ashanti
5. Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia, featuring John Martin 

Pic of the week

We know it's not quite summer break yet, but you are definitely feeling the heat. TenOSix Photography reminded us that summer is about 40 days away and we can't wait to hit the sand to relax and play. 

Are you a high-school student who wants you and your friends' picture in the Youthlink? Add us with the BB PIN: 2A32BA0C and start sending your photos!