BB Corner

Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Quote of the week

"Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much." - Helen Keller (author, political activist and lecturer) 

BB awareness tip

The theme for Child's Month is 'Children's Care and Protection: A Fi Wi Business'. Will you be making the lives of children your business? Tell Youthlink team on our Facebook and Twitter page. You can start by volunteering; find information on the Jamaica Volunteer Programmes webpage or call its Cargill Avenue office on 876-969-4158 or 876-798-8912 to inquire about programmes that you can get involved in for Child's Month and throughout the summer holidays. 

BB scenario

@YouthlinkMag: Are you allowed to take cell phones to school and do you take your BlackBerry to school?

KeKe: Yes, we are and yes, I do.

Emo Kyd: Yeah, I do and we aren't allowed, but there is the general acceptance since the school's admin knows they are present.

@YouthlinkMag: In the event that there is an emergency at home, would you use your phone or ask the school's administrative office?

Keke: Go to the school's admin office or a specific teacher, unless he or she encourages us to go to the office. If we're caught using our phones we get suspended, they don't want to hear any explanations; we're not even allowed to use them at dismissal.

Emo Kyd: At my school, we can speak to a teacher that understands and he or she will make the call. Basically, every teacher knows we have cell phones, but pretend not to see.

@YouthlinkMag: Ok.

Emo Kyd: But laptops and tablets are more prevalent since the school has open Wi-Fi access.

@YouthlinkMag: Doesn't that propose more issues?

Emo Kyd: Yes, a bit, now there is an issue with social networking during school hours.

@YouthlinkMag: That's interesting, Emo Kyd. How has your school dealt with that issue since it can be argued that tablets are being used as learning tools?

Emo Kyd: The principal has re-implemented hall passes and ensure that students are in class when they should be. They are allowed only during lunch hours.

Keke: You guys are lucky, then. We can't use them at all.

@YouthlinkMag: Thank you, Keke and Emo Kyd, for participating in this week's BB scenarios. 

Discussion topic

What faculty do you believe offers the best options for a career in the future?

(A) Arts and education 35%
(B) Media and communication 13%
(C) Social sciences 28%
(D) Pure and Applied sciences 21%
(E) Medical sciences 10% 

Top 5 BB ringtones this week

1. No Guns Allowed - Snoop Lion, featuring Drake & Cori-B
2. Make it Out this Town - Eve, featuring Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship
3. Steady - Alexis Spight
4. Make Me Believe You - Denyque
5. I'll Trust You (Gospel 2013) - Eric Sanders 

Pic of the week

Hats off to the JPS technical team that has been working to change old light posts in communities. It's amazing to see the dedication, efficiency and especially the teamwork.