On July 9, you should have been out of your house and at the well-attended party, 'Amnesion'. This was the first time it was being held, and we all know what it's like when a party has no hype, traction or reputation to fall back on. However, Amnesion was a different case.

The venue, D'Entrance, was beyond packed, and even more patrons were clamouring outside for a chance to get in and have some of what Amnesion had to offer that night. Even the rival party which was being held just a stone's throw away didn't seem to matter to the excited crowd that night.

Way-up Moment
The water, I have to say, lived up to the standard of a water party. No doubt, even those who didn't want to get wet were most definitely soaked by the end of the night. I know, because I am writing from experience as one of the unlucky ones. Of course, raving and enjoying the water and holi powder with friends and strangers alike was epic!

Repeat or Nah?
I would say most definitely repeat. This was a 'firstcomer' event and it was 'lit'! Can you imagine when it actually does get the recognition that it deserves next year?This party has the potential to be one of the most known and favoured summer events. The promoters simply have to maintain the current hype the party has garnered and build on the anticipation to stay with the name Amnesion!